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Dew Point Productions

About Us

Dew, is created out of thin air when it reaches the perfect environmental conditions, know as the Dew Point.


Dew Point Productions was created by award-winning Australian filmmaker Blake Dew, as a film and television production company representing the exact environmental circumstances for creativity to be born, much like dew is, out of thin air.

Founder /  Director / Writer / Producer

Blake Dew

IMG_1192 3.JPG

Blake Dew began his career working in film and television in Australia where he was born & raised. He was awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the Parliament of New South Wales for his achievements in filmmaking. In 2016 Blake moved to Los Angeles and began working at The Sherry Theater, while also working in production & development as well as producing The 120 Hour Film Festival. 


Blake recently directed Hollywood, a short film that follows, a young movie star, on the cusp of greatness, who must navigate the Hollywood landscape and his new found sobriety. The film stars David Garelik (Mile 22, Waves), Jerah Milligan (Black Mirror) and Lexie Shoaibi (The Good Fight). 

Blake also produced Lexington & Vine, a documentary that follows Mark Foster and his band ‪Foster The People‬ on tour for their third record, Sacred Hearts Club, providing an intimate portrait about the inspiration behind the band’s artistry. The film, which was directed by Scott Haze, premiered at the 2019 Mammoth Film Festival and screened at the 2019 Dallas International Film Festival.

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